A heat-moldable custom orthotic is a product that works for patients at different weights and activity levels.

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  • Rearfoot Angular Restraining Mechanism™ (ARM) controls frontal plane motion (calcaneal eversion).
  • Sustentacula Tali Control™ (STC) influences the control point for the rearfoot wedge.
  • 1st ray plantar flexor assists function of the 1st ray, a major stabilizing influence in the forefoot.
  • The lateral grid prevents the lateral shifting of the heel cup during the strike phase.
  • Metatarsal raise assists the function of the metatarsals’ “transverse arch.”
  • A deep heel cup stabilizes the heel position to maximize control.
  • Sorbon™ shock dot dissipates force along the angle of a strike.
  • Rubbed nylon with Footfresh™ eliminates odor and moisture buildup.
  • Heat molding:
    • Balances rearfoot relative to the forefoot, ensuring correct foot function.
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